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just a centralized place for the projects that i'm working on

What is this, and why is it here?

This is just a reference and portfolio page that I made for me, not really for the general public. You're welcome to take a look, I have nothing to hide. Just remember that I made this for me, not for you. Please keep the hate statements to yourself.

It isn't the 1990s any more.

The modern browser supports a broad range of functionality for a rich interactive experience. In the past, we needed Flash in order to implement full-featured interfaces. Flash is dead and gone, but that's OK, because Javascript and CSS have caught up. We can achieve the same experience with the combination of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Simple is better.

Many people rely on frameworks to achieve these results, but that approach is usually unnecessarily bulky. We should use native code when it can do the job just as well. Simple is elegant.

Standards-compliant code is future-proof.

With some knowledge of modern web standards, we can realize the broad functionality of modern web browsers and implement the full potential of web standards using native code. The user experience and functionality is just as good, and by getting back to the basics, not only can we be efficient and nimble, but our code is also evergreen.

My Stuff:

Plestacks, extending Pleco flashcards


Bigger Web Application Projects (20)

  1. Form Validator
  2. Seat Selector
  3. Video Player
  4. Exchange Rate calculator | My variation: CNY-USD calculator (for mobile device)
  5. Dom Manipulation
  6. Landing Page with Sliding Menu
  7. Hangman Game
  8. Meal Finder
  9. Expense Tracker (localStorage)
  10. Music Player (audio API)
  11. Infinite Scrolling (3rd party API) | My variation: people API
  12. Speed Typing Game (with some modifications for ending the game, filtering array, scoring.
  13. Speech Synthesis (Speech API)
  14. Memory Cards (localstorage)
  15. Song Lyrics Search (3rd party API)
  16. Relax app (my variation: added countdown)
  17. Breakout Game
  18. New Year Countdown
  19. Drag and Drop Sortable List
  20. Guess the Number with Speech Recognition Doesn't seem to work in China, possibly because of network restrictions.☹️ Here's a stopgap version

Smaller Web Application Projects (50)

  1. Expanding Cards | My variation: Vertical layout
  2. Progress Steps
  3. Rotating Navigation
  4. Hidden Search
  5. Blurry Loading Page
  6. Animated Scrolling
  7. Split Landing Page
  8. Wave Animation
  9. Sound Board (Audio tag) | My variation: add labels, show which sound is playing.
  10. Dad Jokes (async/await)
  11. Key Codes (Keyboard events)
  12. Highlighting Items
  13. Choose a Random Item
  14. Animated Navigation
  15. Animated Increment Counter
  16. Drink Water (DOM, CSS, JS calculation)
  17. Movie App (display data from 3rd party API)
  18. Image Gallery
  19. Analog Clock
  20. Ripple Button Effect
  21. Drag and Drop
  22. Simple Drawing App
  23. Kinetic Loader
  24. Content Placeholder | My Variation: get a random user, show the flag
  25. Sticky Navbar that Changes Size
  26. Image Viewer with Reverse Slider
  27. Growl Notifications
  28. Get Github user profiles (fetch with axios)
  29. Double-Click to Heart Me
  30. Auto-Text Effect
  31. Password Generator (enhancement: scramble password)
  32. Magic Checkboxes
  33. Persistent Notes
  34. Animated Countdown
  35. Image Carousel
  36. Hover Board
  37. Pokemon Cards (async await, map, parse JSON data)
  38. Mobile Tab Navigation (css opacity ease)
  39. Password Strength Meter (css blur)
  40. 3D Boxes Image (css before/after, backgroundPosition)
  41. Verify your Account
  42. Live User Filter
  43. Feedback UI Design
  44. Custom Range Slider
  45. Mobile Slide Navigation
  46. Quiz App
  47. Testimonials (my fix: don't start the timer until the image loads)
  48. Random Image Feed
  49. To do list with localStorage
  50. Catch the Insect game

My Little Applications

Other Stuff